When I see or hear about chaise lounge, style, functionality, and ultimate comfort gets in my head. It is an excellent piece of furniture to add to your bedroom, dressing room, living area, or even in your deck.  


If you are planning to get this cozy furniture, read on because we are sharing all you need to know about the chaise lounge.  

What is a chaise lounge?

 A chaise lounge is simply an extended chair. It is an upholstered chair that is made long to support the legs. The chaise lounge is also called the chaise sofa or lounge chair.

Fun fact:  Psychologist Sigmund Freud uses his chaise lounge to perform psychoanalysis with his patients. The patient is asked to recline on the couch, and Freud would sit at the side, beyond the head of the sofa.  

What are the different types of chaise sofas?

Today, various styles of chaise lounges are created for different needs and purposes. Some are also designed for aesthetic purposes. The more classic and more traditional types include the following:

  1. Victorian and French – a very ornate chaise lounge with a headrest and one elongated arm or back attached
  2. Meridian – features a longer headrest and short footrest with a full back, usually with a sloping back
  3. Recamier – has two raised ends with no arms on the sides
  4. Duchesse Brisee – made up of a chair and long sloping footstool to support the feet

While these classics still remain today, more varieties are created to match modern styles and needs. These contemporary chair lounges still feature the same elements as the traditional pieces but are distinctively simpler and sleeker. More materials, colors, and patterns are now available, too. Some even come with storage for added functionality.  

Lounge chairs are now also being used outdoors in decks, poolsides, and beach sides.        

Why should I get a chaise sofa? 

A chaise sofa makes an excellent investment for many reasons. As for me, I remember our bedroom chaise lounge being the most comfortable sofa for me to relax and rest my feet up when I was pregnant. It was also the most comfortable place for me to nurse and put my babies to sleep on my chest.  

On a general note, here are other reasons why you should get a chaise sofa:      

  1. It is very functional as it can act as an additional seating place, a daybed, or an extra sleeping space for a guest.
  2. It gives a more cozy feel to a room.
  3. It makes a very comfortable nook for reading a book, watching a movie, or simply relaxing.
  4. It can conveniently fill up an empty corner or any plain space.
  5. It adds style and life to a simple room.
  6. Depending on the type you choose, it can give room for storage.

Where do I put a chaise lounge?

A chaise sofa is very versatile that you can put in almost any room in your house.  

  1. Bedroom – You can put it in your bedroom by the window, any wall, or corner as a daybed or nook.  
  2. Dressing room or bathroom – You can use it as an accent or a functional storage seat in your dressing room or bathroom as long as you have enough space.  
  3. Living room – If you have a corner or any space you need to fill in your living area, a chaise lounge is the perfect furniture piece that can add additional seating space for guests.

You can also put your chaise lounge in your sunroom, deck, or poolside. First, decide where you need your chaise sofa to be, then you can choose the type, material, and style of your furniture.

How do I style a chaise sofa?

Styling depends on the style and look of your chaise lounge, as well as your own preferences.  

  1. Keep it bare. A chaise sofa is a style in itself. For a minimalist look, you can leave the chaise sofa as it is, especially if it is tufted or designed intricately.  
  2. Throw in a pillow or a blanket, or both. You can also style your furniture with a throw pillow, a throw blanket, or both. For decorative purposes, you can also throw in a fur rug on it.   
  3. Style with other furniture pieces. You can pick a modular contemporary chaise lounge that you can style with other modular sofas in your living room.
  4. Add cushion and shade. For an outdoor chaise lounge, you can add a removable cushion to add more comfort and style to it. An umbrella alongside also gives shade and some colorful look to the setup.

From its sophisticated history to today’s versatility, a chaise lounge always ends up being a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture. Whether you want it indoor or outdoor, there is always an excellent piece of chaise sofa for you.