Almost everyone around the world loves to watch movies and TV shows. But not everyone gets to watch their desired movies every time they want to because watching movies on popular movie streaming sites and theatres can be expensive. Hence, torrent sites, though illegal, have been one of the best solutions to this problem. Elitetorrent is one of the notorious Spanish torrent websites. It is well known for leaking content even before its release.

More about elitetorrent

Elitetorrent is the best Spanish movie streaming site and is known for providing content in Spanish. Elite torrent is mainly popular for leaking the new movies before their official release date. It leaked Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith six hours before its official release.

Mostly Spanish dubbed Hollywood movies are available on elitetorrent. Besides, many Spanish movies and TV shows are also available. Like all other torrent sites, It also provides its content for free in multiple HD resolutions.

The main elitetorrent website, however, disappeared in 2017 after facing some legal issues on copyright infringement. Since then, the site has been functioning actively through its proxy links and mirror sites.

Due to multiple complaints received by the US DMCA against elitetorrent for copyright infringement, most of the elitetorrent search results are removed from Google. Therefore, you will get very few search results about elitetorrent on Google.

Features of elitetorrent

  • This is a user-friendly site and is easily navigable.
  • It is very quick in leaking new releases. So quick that sometimes it leaks the movies and TV shows before their official release date. If not so, they take a maximum of two days to add new content.
  • Elitetorrent happens to be a Spanish website, and hence everything on the website is written in Spanish. This website operates in Spanish.
  • It provides Spanish dubbed Hollywood movies and Spanish origin movies as well.
  • You don’t have to pay to watch the content available on this as everything is available for absolutely free.
  • It provides the content in multiple HD resolutions like 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Movies leaked by elitetorrent

Elitetorrent is famous for leaking movies and series even before their release. It has leaked lots of movies over the years. Top Hollywood and Spanish original and dubbed movies are also available on elite torrent, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Jungle Cruise
  • Wrong Turn
  • La Purga
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Blood Red Sky
  • Batman

Is elitetorrent illegal?

Yes, it is illegal because all torrent sites happen to be illegal. Torrent sites are considered illegal because they acquire their content through unethical means. They steal and leak someone else’s copyrighted content without their consent, thus violating copyright laws.

Therefore, elite torrent, like many other torrent sites, is considered illegal and eventually blocked for copyright infringement concerns. You can get arrested, jailed, and fined for both operating and using such an illegal site.

How to unblock elitetorrent?

As we all know, torrents sites get blocked due to their illegality, and the same is the case with elitetorrent. The original elite torrent is inactive since 2017 after facing several lawsuits over copyright infringement concerns. However, there are many elitetorrent domains today that are also anyway blocked.

Therefore, you can unblock this either by using its proxy sites or connecting to a VPN server. Proxy sites are the connecting link or the back door between the users and the original site. Hence through proxy links, you can watch and download the same content from the original site as they are very similar to the original site in terms of feature and content.

You can also unblock it by using a VPN, and to do this, and you need to download a VPN software application on your device. After opening the app, you will see a list of active servers, and all you need to do is select the server with the lowest ping as it is the strongest one. After connecting to the server, you can go to the website, and you can access it without any error or blockage.

Therefore, these are the two ways to unblock elitetorrent.

Is elitetorrent safe to use?

Elitetorrent is not safe enough to use because it brings harmful malware to your devices and increases the chances of data theft. This site’s content comes from unknown sources that bring harmful malware to your device. Besides, ads that it features also bring malware, thus leaving your device corrupted.

Apart from this, torrent sites like elitetorrent are not secure enough to use because once you access this type of website and since these sites are operated by hackers who are capable of stealing other’s content, there is a 100% chance that they can hack your device and steal your confidential data. Thus elitetorrent, like other torrent sites, are prone to data theft as well.

Therefore, elitetorrent, though it provides content for free, is not safe enough to use.

Active domains of elitetorrent

Elitetorrent has several domain extensions that redirect you to the same site. However, since the original website of elitetorrent is inactive since 2017, these other websites can also be mere copy-cats of the original banned site. Nobody knows the origin of the currently active domains that share a common name with the original banned site. However, all the active domain runs with the name elitetorrent.

Some of the active domains are as follows-


Elitetorrent genres

Almost all the popular genres are available on elite torrent. The contents are divided according to their respective genres to make it easier for the users to choose movies or TV shows from their favourite genres.

Some of the popular torrent genres available are as follows-

  • Drama
  • Misterio (mystery)
  • Accion (action)
  • Comedia (comedy)
  • Action and Adventure
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy
  • Crimen (crime)
  • Suspenso (suspense)
  • Adventura (adventure)
  • Cienca ficcion (science fiction)
  • Animacion (animation)
  • Romance
  • Fantasia (fantasy)
  • Historia (history)
  • Familia (family)
  • Musica (music)
  • Biografia (biography)
  • Thriller
  • Foreign
  • Kids
  • Documentary
  • War and Politics
  • Reality
  • Western
  • Docus Y TV
  • Pelicula de la television

All these names of different genres are written in Spanish because it is the official language of this website. This is because elitetorrent is a website based in Spain. Therefore, everything on the website is written in Spanish and not English.

Elitetorrent proxy and mirror sites

Since elite torrent is blocked in some countries due to its illicit content, it has many proxy and mirror sites that work in place of the blocked site in those countries. Some of the proxy and mirror sites of elitetorrent are given below-


These are some of the working proxy and mirror sites.

Elitetorrent legal alternatives

It is not a good and moral thing to use a torrent site like elite torrent that is completely made up of pirated content. Torrent sites promote immoral and unethical things like piracy. Besides, even if you don’t consider it unethical, it is still not good to use as you may get arrested, jailed, and fined for using an illegal site like elite torrent.

Therefore, though you have to pay some money to access legal sites, we recommend you prefer legal sites only as they guarantee safe and secure use.

Some of the popular legal sites are as follows-

  • Netflix
  • HBO max
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Rakuten TV
  • Popcornflix

Illegal alternatives to elite torrent

There is absolutely no lack of torrent sites on the internet, and hence even if you don’t like elitetorrent, you can always switch to other torrent sites. Torrent sites are very similar to each other, and hence there are ample sites that are very similar to elite torrent.

Other torrent sites are also illegal, and they also have similar features to elitetorrent. Most of the torrent sites are blocked and hence have many proxy and mirror sites. Therefore, you see, most torrent sites are very similar in terms of functionality and features. Some sites have similar content as well.

Some of the illegal alternatives are as follows-


This article does not promote or encourage the use of torrent sites. Using a torrent site is illegal, and therefore, we suggest you opt for legal sites to watch content as they are very safe and secure to use.