The oldest swimming pool in the world dates back to 3rd century B.C. and featured stairs and ledges. Stairs and ledges are commonplace now, but were less so all the way back then. The pool was made of brick and bitumen, and spanned 8 feet in depth.

Modern fibreglass swimming pools have come a long way. Stairs and ledges are passe.

There are a range of multi-color water splitting and cascading options available for every pool owner to turn their simple backyard pool into an elegant, opulent, smorgasbord of colors now.

This article will explore some of the more cutting-edge trends in swimming pool designs and look at what styles we can expect to see more of in the future.

Outdoor Lounge Arenas

No swimming pool is complete without a state-of-the-art lounge zone. Umbrellas and reclining chairs are last decade. Full-fledged entertainment systems are the need of the hour, with outdoor kitchens attached the the patios to let you entertain all your friends and loved ones for hours without complaint.

A high-definition entertainment setup is perfect for movie lovers and is perfect for complementing your pool-side entertainment studio.

Integrated Hot Tubs

Hot tubs can dramatically improve the stylishness of any backyard pool. The tub designs can be easily integrated into existing pools, with the heating mechanisms acting to heat both the pool and tub at the same time. You can enjoy the blissful warmth of hot tubs while creating fun memories as you enjoy romantic happy times right in your own backyard.

Fiery Features

Adding a fire-pit into your pool design might be the best decision you ever make. You can create a scattered lighting effect with the use of bowls and create fun, little designs outlining your pool. Fire bowls and water bowls set together can create a waterfall effect. Tiki torches and lanterns are perfect for creating a little backyard oasis and add light, warmth, and depth to the entire pool area.

Functional Flowing Water

Water fountains add a touch of class to any swimming pool. The sound of moving water creates a calm, serene environment and even has functional purposes. The moving water can prevent algae formations and move debris. You can even use water jets to create bombastic waterfall effects.

Integrated Deep, Dark Themes

Dark hues have a twofold purpose around any swimming pool. They create a sensation of depth, much like vast, booming water bodies that seem to envelope and swallow you. And they do an excellent job at hiding dirt and debris along the pool by creating camouflage.

Dark colors can also naturally warm your pool. They are scientifically noted to absorb more heat than light colors so their use, if only a little, can save on heating costs in the long run.

These are fantastic designs to add both functionality and elegance to your pool area.

Soft Lighting

Here’s why LED lighting is perfect for the ambiance around your swimming pool. They’re cost-efficient, cheaper than other lighting in the long-run and just add a gentle glimmer around the pool. The right lighting can break your pool area, or make it feel all the more mysterious and opulent.

Lighting along the pool walls, stairs, and fence can outline your entire pool and make it glow up in an absolutely magical way.

Integrate Knife-Edge Style Designs

The edges of the pools are pushed to the same level of the surrounding patio. Small, little slits are added to improve the circulation of water and keep a gentle flow running at all times.

These knife-edge style designs hide the outer boundary wall of your pool, creating a seamless look between the water and the surrounding deck. This is a strikingly unique design that is a recent modification of the infinity edge design.

Beach Entry Designs

This is a sloped graduated opening into your pool that replaces the regular stairway into the pool. The entry point is created perfectly even with the deck, submerging it fully. This lets you walk gently into the pool, slowly transitioning into deeper waters as you wade in.

This is ideal for elderly folk and children as it provides a gentle introduction into the water and allows them to enter safely.

You can add sand, chairs, and additional water features to mimic a fun, happy beach-side.

Baja Shelves

This is a simple design that acts as a perfect middle ground between the pool and poolside. It is essentially an extended top step for a pool, making a shallow pool inside the bigger, deeper pool. This allows children a safe spot to splash around while you get some serious laps in for the day. You can perch some chairs on the shelf and hover your tippy toes along the surface of the water with a drink in your hands as well.

Baja shelves are growing increasingly common as they serve the purpose of a built-in kiddie pool along your regular pool. They are practical to incorporate, and safe for children.

Waterfall Curtains

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill water fountain setup. This is an actual waterfall flowing into your pool, cascading into the water like a solid sheet of glass splitting into the pool and staying even with the remaining water.

You can stick your arm through the waterfall, and see the water split around you and flow into the shallow end of the pool. These water curtains create one or two rows of streaming, falling water and even come in different colors to light up your pool waters into something more exciting.

Self-Cleaning Pool Systems

Cleaning a pool can be a significant time investment. Which is why self-cleaning and self-monitoring pools are quickly becoming one of the most desired features in modern pools. These features clean debris and junk automatically from the pool while checking and monitoring the chemical levels without any needed user input. Simply put, they check the pool’s chemical and dirt levels and have mechanisms to simply filter and clean them away.

Self-cleaning systems can even eliminate cold spots completely and reduce the need to own a skimmer and vacuum.