The demand for better security and convenience for the access control system is getting higher each year. With the new technological advancements, people’s expectations for their installations and equipment are much bigger than before. For commercial and industrial buildings, the overall access system is providing benefits other than its primary functions. Despite that, there still some room for improvement when choosing practical access doors for your establishment.

Access door control systems are excellent and all; however, you can still experience some frustrations with its long-time use. There is a high chance of deterioration in its performance and other trouble spots if you use a standard access door. It will require more attention and maintenance that could cost you a few bucks. If you want to avoid these scenarios, it is best to improve your access doors right away.

To help, we will talk about smart ways to improve access door performance for your commercial or industrial building.

Ask the manufacturer if the product requires minimal maintenance.

When choosing an access door (new or replacement), it is essential to see if it requires minimum maintenance for reliability and efficiency. It will help you in managing your budget and could also guarantee the durability of the product. Check the materials that it uses and their compatibility with the requirement of your building. If you think that it can last long without any complications, then it’s a good deal.

Despite that, you should still not risk your building to suffer from incidents and complications because your access door is defective. It is always vital to have regular maintenance for your system. Minimal never means having none at all. Instead of having quarterly inspections, you can schedule it bi-annual or annual. Remember that some sensitive parts of the access doors are prone to wear and tear, mostly if many people regularly use them. 

Make sure that your access door has the proper insulation.

Many available access doors are perfect for commercial and industrial buildings with minimal maintenance requirements. However, the usual issue with these products is that most of them have poor insulation. It means that they cannot prevent water from leaking or the air from penetrating through the door.

Insulation is a vital factor that you should consider for warehouses that store food or products sensitive to temperature change. As the air in the room using an air conditioner or heater seeps through the access door, it can cause energy loss and a higher electricity bill. Moreover, it can also cause discomfort for your employees in an office when the air conditioner takes a longer time to be in effect.

When choosing the right access door, see if it has thick insulation of at least one inch. Various types of insulation can choose from, such as fiberboard, styrofoam, and others. You should also note that the higher the R-value of the insulated access doors, the better performance it could provide.

Reduce the installation space by choosing access doors without overhead rails. 

Some building components and areas will require lighting, ducts, and other installations that you should fit around the door. However, some access doors take up a lot of space on a structure, leaving only a small space for other equipment you need. That is why you need to choose a more compact access door that does not have overhead rails.

With close and access doors, you can cater to other installations in place of the overhead supports. They are also easier to use and are available in construction supplies stores. Choosing recess access doors can also improve your building’s interior design as it can blend easier with its surrounding surfaces. Many architects and contractors prefer to use this type for hotels, condominiums, and offices.

Choose a manufacturer that offers customizations.

Every building has its architectural requirements that may differ from other establishments. The same applies to the access door specifications that every building needs.

If you think that your building needs a unique specification for its access door, it is best to look for construction companies that customize their products. Whether it is for the materials’ sizes, you need to be clear about what you need. If you install an access door with awkward sizing or incompatible material, your building system will undoubtedly suffer from your decision.

Use enough lubrication on your access doors for quieter operation.

If your access doors pass all the factors above, there are still some things that you should be wary of. It will be extremely annoying if your access doors will continue to squeak and make noises every time you open or close them. If you own a hotel or other commercial establishments, it is essential to tone down its noise level.

One possible reason for these noses is the rust that is building up on your hinges. Aside from it being annoying, it is also a sign that your access door is starting to deteriorate. If you do not do anything about it, it can cause some significant damages in the future. Thus, you should make sure that there is enough lubrication on your access doors at all times.


Having an effective access door can provide you with numerous benefits such as security, protection, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. If you want to enjoy them fully, it is essential to choose the best one and improve them as much as you can. When looking for the right access door, make sure to only buy from a reliable company such as the Best Access Doors. We offer various designs and sizes of the access doors for the requirement of your building. If you are looking for unique specifications, we also provide our products’ customization, including our insulated access doors.