The entire world is moving towards automation. There has been a continuous aim to negate or minimize human intervention to reach the ends.

Well… it has its good as well as the bad sides. 

But while considering homes, Smart Homes have a great many advantages and now the concept transcends the periphery of fascination to the territory of necessity.

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The following article will provide an answer to the query about why we need to make our home a Smart Home.

Smart Homes

Conceptually, Smart homes are places that are equipped with Smart Technologies. The ultimate objective of fitting the Technologies is Automation. 

The main elements that make up smart houses are switches, Apps, Devices, Voice Commands, and Artificial Intelligence. 

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Here the home automation system would go on to monitor and control the home attributes like Climate, Lighting, Entertainment, and Security. 

Features Or Main Components  Of Smart Homes

The key idea or word that could act to define smart homes is Automation. Automation is the ultimate quest of an individual in modern times. Through Automations one is able to provide the answer to safety, security,  convenience, style, and Aesthetics. 

A Smart Home in not an idea but a combination of different components:

1. Security 

Every Smart Home is fitted with the requisite that constitutes a secured system. Your smart Homes would be fitted with Technologies that would act to alarm you in any emergency. 

You will be able to see that you get pictures as well as Clear Videos. This will let you know whether your window is opened or closed. 

Sensors will let you know whether somebody tried to touch something. Alexa will provide you with vital inputs. 

2. Intercom Systems

This is not the traditional Intercom system through which people used to talk from one room to another. A modern Intercom system denotes the fitting up of automated devices with sensors and Screens. 

You could talk to members of the family via screen, sitting at your office. You could also talk to someone standing at the gate through smart lock systems. 

3. Lighting 

A lot of research and development on lighting has been done to cut down electricity wastage as well as reduce expenditure. 

As a result, Automated Lights evolved. Phillips Eufy Lumos and some others have come up with lights that would be able to dictate some direction using Alexa or Google Assistants plus.  

4. Ventilation And Air Condition Systems 

Do you have a habit of reducing the temperature of your AC during not-so-warm periods?

Do you forget to turn off your AC  when you leave your house for the office or market?

An electronic Wi-Fi fitted Technology would enable checking the Temperature of your AC. This denotes you do not require to be physically present on the spot. Things would get adjusted automatically with time. 

Why Would You Make Your Home A Smart Home?

Now a pertinent question could spring up :

Why do we need to make our Homes Smart Homes???

The following section will provide an answer to the following question.

1: Saving Energy And Money

The ultimate goal behind spending money behind smart technology is energy and money savings. We are always burdened with energy being spent and surmounting electric bills!!

Automated Technology has the potential to check the temperature of your AC or cooling system as well as the intensity of lights. 

With Smart thermostats like those from Ecobee, efficient heating and Cooling could be done. 

2: Security And Safety 

Smart Security consists of sensors, cameras, doorbells, and lights that have the capacity to provide security to an individual.

Surveillance Cameras are fitted in different places of the house so that it takes pictures and stores videos of the ones coming and departing from the house. 

Interlink lights are screen and sensor connected. They would enable you to establish conversations with people who have come to the doorsteps. 

Sensors will signal intimation into your mobile phone regarding someone’s arrival.

3: Convenience And Comfort

If your house is connected with an Integrated Security System it would act to function under one central system. 

This means you could switch on and off electronics appliances, play music,  get notifications on somebody’s arrival, and talk to strangers—all using one centralized app portal. 

This will be facilitated by smart techniques such as IoT-fed Smart Locks, Surveillance cameras, Robots, Smart Intercom Systems, and other equipment. 

4: Life-Saving Home Alarms 

Fire, Theft, and Burglary are detrimental to your safety and security. Therefore Smart devices need to be fitted in like Automated Intercom, Smart Cooling and Lighting Systems, 

Automated locks would act to provide safety and security to you.

All these have the necessary alarm System that enables you to understand that things are not in a good shape though the devices have the intelligence to fix the exigency like turning off lights and Cooling Systems and not allowing strangers (using a face determination system). 


Q1: What Are The Benefits Of Smart Homes?

Ans:  Smart Homes provide numerous benefits like Safety and Security, Convenience, and Peace of Mind. Smart Homes provides an alarm system that would enable you to be ready for any sort of emergency. Smart Homes are tried and tested in reducing bills for a long period of time. 

Q2: What Makes Smart Home Smarts?

Ans: Smart homes are Smart because they are fitted with essential components like Security Systems, Intercom Systems,  Shade Sprinklers, Efficient Lighting, Intelligence Ventilation, and a cooling system. Smart homes are smart because the systems are connected through Artificial Intelligence, State of the Art gadgets, and highly sensitive Sensors. 

Q3: Is It Worth Making A Smart Home?

Ans:  Yes, it is worth making a Smart Home. This is because Smart homes provide the owner with a combination of safety, security, utility, Convenience, and Aesthetics. All these are essential requisite to Smart Homes


Smart Homes are therefore a congregation of different technologies that act to provide different benefits to the people. Smart Homes are not getting pertinence with the passage of time. 

The concept has transcended the periphery of fascination, and style statement and entered the territory of necessity meeting the ends. 

Therefore one needs to embrace smart homes in the time to come. 

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