Creating project plans is a challenging task. Using the traditional method, drawing a site plan for a home may take weeks or months. However, you can finish a design within a few days using efficient planning software.  

There are various site plan applications available online. Selecting the right software is essential for builders and designers to showcase their ideas accurately. A site plan is the foundation of every construction project, so everything needs to be precise and realistic.

Here are eight tips for choosing the right site plan software to narrow down your options.

Get Free Trial First

You can’t tell how the software works unless you try it yourself. Availing the free trial before purchasing gives you a grasp of how efficient the app is.

Most site and floor planning applications offer free trials, including Cedreo site plan software. Starting for free helps you test how the app works. You may create a sample layout to see if it fits your preferences and to discover all its features.  

As you search the internet for the best site plan software, you may avail as many free trials as you need. You may also create a checklist including all the features you’re looking for. Then, you can choose which works best for your project before purchasing premium.  

Test For User-Friendliness  

Ease of use should be on your checklist when looking for the right site plan software. A good application doesn’t have to be too complex to provide the best and most accurate results. It only has to provide a seamless user experience to serve its users at the optimum level.

Right Site Plan Software 

Right Site Plan Software

A user-friendly interface makes the software more efficient. It can help you finish multiple high-quality designs within a week. Plus, you don’t have to spend long hours watching tutorials to start using it. Instead, you can start exploring the app and creating a plan right after installation.  

Moreover, a user-friendly site plan software helps future homeowners design their own homes. Then, they can submit their design to an architect for revision according to the building standards within the region.   

Ensure A Wide Range Of Customizable Objects  

One of the best advantages of modern site plan software is the fast drag-and-drop of objects into the layout. There’s no need to draw them from scratch with various options, from windows and doors to interior and exterior furniture.  

When choosing a site plan software, check its range of customizable objects. This feature is highly essential for architects and interior designers. You can customize a wide range of features like furniture sizes, texture, color, and design, making the job easier and more enjoyable.  

Furthermore, customizing the objects in the site plan is excellent for following a specific design style. Creating an efficient layout also incorporates harmony of all the elements design-wise. You’ll also need to consider your client’s texture and color suggestions.  

Find Outdoor And Landscape Design Options  

Many free design apps give decent customizable features for home design. However, only a few offer outdoor and landscape layout options. Designing curb appeal is necessary when building a house from the ground up.  

The right site plan software must include appropriate outdoor design options. This feature enables designers to show how the whole property should look when finished. It also helps clients visualize their dream home.  

You may look for outdoor and landscape elements: a covered porch, fire pit sitting area, outdoor kitchen, open carport, swimming pool, and outdoor furniture pieces. These features will give you an edge as a designer, especially when showing photorealistic rendering.  

Examine Rendering Quality

Another tip for choosing an efficient site plan software is examining its rendering quality. Some apps let you create only 2D plans. This option may be enough for simple room renovations. However, 3D and photorealistic rendering are standard for architects and interior designers.  

Most site plan applications have 3D rendering options but are not photorealistic. Most designers use a third-party app that takes longer to render to create a virtual tour for clients. However, some apps offer photorealistic project quality you can complete within minutes.  

A high-quality rendering is perfect for setting the client’s expectations. It will also serve as their guide for buying furniture pieces by purchasing ones similar to the site plan.  

Look For Easy And Accurate Scaling  

Site planning requires accurate scale for design and structural integrity. It’s the core of designing varying building types. Creating a layout in scale also helps the builder determine the number of materials to finish the project.  

A site plan software with accurate measurement and scales makes the job easier. This feature ensures the construction will progress according to plan. It also prevents last-minute revisions and corrections on-site, finishing the project on time.  

Moreover, an app with easy and accurate scaling can be more precise than manual drawings. You can draw and print to scale and export within a few hours.  

See If It Enables Importing Existing Plan  

Importing existing plans is an essential element for house renovations. Suppose you’re planning to extend the living area of a house. In this case, you can quickly add details to the home’s floor plan instead of creating it from scratch.  

Site planning isn’t just for building a house from the bottom. It’s also a requirement for interior and exterior structural renovations. A comprehensive plan ensures you’re following the building code. Plus, it’s also the basis for the total project cost.  

In addition, importing a plan also helps the designer align the theme of the new structure with the existing one. This way, you can maintain the harmonious design of the home from the inside to the outside.  

Check Customer Support  

Choosing a site plan software that offers real-time customer support eases your stress while drawing plans. This factor helps you fix bugs and glitches, especially during new updates.  

Excellent customer support indicates how the developers value the user’s experience. It provides an opportunity to improve the app according to the designer’s needs. You don’t have to switch from one software to another.  

Additionally, checking the software’s customer support is imperative, especially for growing construction and design companies. You may ask about all the plans they offer and even negotiate a package for multiple devices and users.  


Every construction project starts with a plan. Choosing the right site plan software for your layout and design needs helps you accomplish all your goals quickly and efficiently. If you’re still confused with your options, refer to the points mentioned in this article to help you make a sound choice.