Short on time but still take home maintenance seriously? You’ve probably contracted a gutter cleaning professional to maintain your home’s premier drainage system to avoid all the costly repairs if they remain unkempt. Each time the bill comes, you may find yourself wondering if you’re overpaying… 

Put your wallet away for a minute, grab your reading glasses, and let’s find out. 

Before breaking down the costs, there are a few factors that go into cost calculation for gutter cleaning – just like gutter installation, it may depend on the total number of linear feet, whether your home is single-story or has multiple floors, how accessible the gutters are (consider sloping ground underneath or plenty of foliage blocking the way), and how well they’ve been maintained thus far. 

Average Cost of Gutter Cleaning in Large Cities in Each US State

Compare your rates to the following 2022 average cost – depending on many different factors. 

Note: Homeowners in more rural areas may enjoy a cost that is a bit lower than these large city averages. 

Alabama: $164

Alaska: $240

Arizona: $171

Arkansas: $170

California: $197

Colorado: $188

Connecticut: $207

Delaware: $189

Florida: $162

Georgia: $177

Hawaii: $280

Idaho: $180

Illinois: $210

Indiana: $189

Iowa: $165

Kansas: $173

Kentucky: $176

Louisiana: $174

Maine:  $173

Maryland: $193

Massachusetts: $221

Michigan: $190

Minnesota: $204

Mississippi: $150

Missouri: $179

Nebraska: $163

Nevada: $195

New Hampshire: $179

New Jersey: $221

New Mexico: $170

New York: $202

North Carolina: $166

North Dakota: $192

Ohio: $188

Oklahoma: $156

Oregon: $205

Pennsylvania: $187

Rhode Island: $193

South Carolina: $167

South Dakota: $183

Tennessee: $178

Texas: $161

Utah: $175

Vermont: $182 

Virginia: $161

Washington: $204

West Virginia: $182

Wisconsin: $181

Wyoming: $190

Cost of Gutter Guards 

Homeowners across the nation tend to look to gutter guards as a one-time cost to cure their need for continual gutter cleaning and maintenance but the installation of gutter guards does not prevent all types of clogs.  

The national average for the purchase of gutter guards and the labor required to install them is a range from $288 to $1112 – depending on various aspects. 

Sure, these mesh guards installed over your existing gutter system keep large debris like leaves and branches from collecting in the gutter well, but it still allows dirt, dust, seeds, and other small junk – which is usually the culprit of many gutter failures. 

The difference is that when your gutters clog WITH gutter guards installed, it’s more challenging (and costly) to have them cleaned by a professional and a massive time stealer to remove all the guards and clean them yourself. 

Cost of Do-It-Yourself Gutter Cleaning 

Ready to grab the gardening gloves, bucket, and ladder, and get your hands dirty cleaning out your own gutters?  Even though you’re not paying a pro, there is still a cost. 

Gutter cleaning experts also inspect your gutter system for any damage, loose downspouts, and buildup on the inside of your system. If a problem is found, consider whether you are knowledgeable and skilled to fix the damaged sections yourself. 

Depending on the height of your home, you may need to purchase an adequate ladder, safety gear, cleaning supplies, and a longer hose with a strong nozzle. 

Other costs to consider are personal – your time and your safety. If you are not well-versed in maintaining gutters safely or would prefer to spend your free time over the weekends with the ones you love, you may want to consider a professional gutter cleaning crew who specializes in gutter installation to make any repairs necessary all in one visit.