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Common Home Interior Design Mistakes: Redesign It Now

Decorating your own home is much more difficult than it appears.

Creating a consistent design across multiple rooms may be difficult, and even making one space look photo-ready can take longer than you think.

There are many common mistakes made when it comes to choosing the correct furniture pieces, the optimal paint colours, the greatest design accessories for the area, the ideal lighting, and nailing the proportions.

Some of them are:

  • Choosing Wrong Lighting:

Lighting can make or break a room. It can be either too bright or too dim. So, after providing plenty of natural light, ensure that a room is complimented with adequate and well-planned secondary lighting.

The biggest error you can make is to treat lighting as an afterthought or a last-minute haphazard addition.

Lighting is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Layering lights to create lovely glowing pools of light is the trick. A well-balanced and imaginative arrangement of ambient lighting, such as table lamps, task lighting, and accent lighting, results in a well-lit and attractive home.

  • Placing all the furniture up against the walls:

People frequently fall into the trap of decorating their rooms by shoving all of their furniture towards the walls. However, it has an unattractive appearance and does not save or create additional space.

Instead, concentrate on establishing conversational zones and grouping accents. To create more intimate, functional seating, move furniture away from the walls and slant pieces toward one another.

  • Adding too much stuff:

Having too many decor pieces (both large and small) can make a room appear cluttered and disorganised, which is generally unpleasant to look at.

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The easiest technique to cope with clutter is to get rid of whatever you don’t need until the room breathes again and order is restored.

  • Not measuring the room space:

Almost every interior designer thinks that many individuals don’t think about the proportions and size of a room before placing furniture in it. Room measurement planning includes accessing your floor plan and measuring the remaining elements of your home. Measuring your room space also plays an important part when it comes to remodelling your house.

Every person makes some mistakes while designing their home. That’s why they need professional home interior designers to give them fresh eyes and proper instruction while designing the houses. Hiring top interior designers can assist even the most creative minds and fashion-forward eyes in bringing that idea to life. Space planning, flooring plan, furniture layouts, new cabinetry design, and fabric selection are all things that interior designers may help with.

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