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Living Room Decor Ideas

Living room decor happens to be a popular topic nowadays. Do not get yourself wrong, appreciate a good kitchen renovation as much as the next individual, but most of all living rooms are probably the easiest rooms to decorate too. You might think that it’s a bit tricky to pull off living room decor, and it can be but when done right you can make any space in your house beautiful. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve beautiful living room decor.

Lounge Designs are probably

There are so many living room decor ideas, and Lounge designs are probably one of the most popular. Lounge furniture is generally very easy to find because most lounge furniture is typically very simplistic and functional. Some lounge furniture pieces are made from plastic or vinyl that are extremely durable and easy to clean. You can find a great selection of chairs, couches, coffee tables, end tables, foot stools and much more. Because so many people spend a lot of time in their lounge, it’s important to find quality lounge furniture that offers a comfortable and stylish chair that you enjoy sitting in.

Involving Color Palettes can also be Quite Simple

Living room decor ideas involving color palettes can also be quite simple. If you enjoy watching TV, this is a great place to incorporate bright and bold colors that catch the light and make the space pop. You might want to choose two to three colors that complement each other in terms of hue but that pop at the same time. Another small living room idea is to create a warm and inviting color palette by using deep purples, pinks, yellows and greens. You could also choose light colors such as mocha and white.

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Shiplap Walls

The third and most popular type of living room design is probably shiplap walls. These are simply flat panels of wood that are painted on and they allow you to hang anything on them. You can use any type of crafty art work or wallpaper on the walls or you can purchase ready made shiplap walls that have been stained to give them an aged look. A great way to incorporate shiplap walls into your own living room decor ideas is to use farmhouse decor pieces such as gables and barn shutters.

Depth to Your living Room

Barn walls are a great way to add depth to your living room decor. Barn walls are rectangular and made from beams of wood that have been placed diagonally. You can buy ready made barn wall furniture, or if you are crafty you can build your own. A popular style of barn wall furniture is a pull out sofa as it has a deep undulating back that makes a great place to position a sofa, love seat pad.

Using Wall Mirrors

Living room decor ideas can be as simple as using wall mirrors, and putting up curtains that match the color of the walls or even colors of the fabric on the sofa. It doesn’t matter what type of material you choose for your curtain because what matters most is that you choose a curtain that matches your existing living space. You can even go so far as to pick fabrics that will compliment your walls colors or those of your sofa.

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Adding new Throw Pillows

One great way to update the look of a room is by adding new throw pillows. Throw pillows are inexpensive, they can be purchased in bulk at a good discount and they are easy to display around the house. A favorite place to hang a throw pillow is on the coffee and end tables in the home because it is always instantly recognizable as home. Another great way to update the look of your living room is to add modern looking wall art that can be hung on the wall in front of the sofa or couches.

Impact on the Wall and the Sofa

The wall art is a great way to really make an impact on the wall and the sofa. The best type of wall art to use is something that will enhance the sofa or the couch and not something that is simply there for its sake. There are plenty of great looking decorative wall pieces that can be used to add style to any room.

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